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What do the big numbers on the fire engines mean?

The large numbering serves a number of purposes.  The number indicates which fire station that apparatus is assigned to.  It is the means by which commanders and other units identify one another when communicating with them, especially at an emergency when there are multiple units involved.  There are large numbers on the roofs so they can be identified from the air.  The numbers and striping are made from reflective tape making the apparatus more visible at night for safety.  The large reflective chevron design on the rear of fire apparatus is there for visibility and safety.

Why are the fire engines yellow?

Depending on the agency, you will see that fire apparatus come in all kinds of colors.  We paint our apparatus "Sunshine Yellow" for safety.  Yellow is a much more visible color, especially under low light conditions, than the traditional red.  Yellow is also an easier color to maintain and stays looking new longer.

How do I get information on an emergency?

Basic information on our current emergency responses is available via PulsePoint. During major emergencies, special yellow boxes will be posted on the home page with the latest information on the incident and links to related sites. The Information Office works with the various local media sources, TV, radio and print, and other first-responder agencies to keep the public fully informed. Our Incident Information Center phone, 805-388-4276, is available 24 hours a day. For major incidents outside of our area, check Inciweb

How do I safely surrender a baby?

A newborn can be safely surrendered at any Ventura County fire station (see Safely Surrendered Baby).