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How do I prepare for an emergency?

Being prepared for emergencies is one of the most important steps you can take to make those around you and your property safe. Check out the Ready,Set,Go! Program, and Safety Preparedness
Throughout the year, we have information posted relative to seasonal hazards. FEMA offers assistance on many types of hazards. Please consider joining a local CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) team and be a part of your community’s emergency preparedness.


Where do I learn CPR/first aid?

Learning CPR or first aid is an important step anyone can take in being prepared for emergencies (see Hands-Only-CPR). Contact your local hospital to see what training classes they offer to the public. The American Red Cross , or American Heart Association both offer good training resources.


Why do I have to clear around my house?

Our FHRP (Fire Hazard Reduction Program) is a cooperative effort between the Ventura County Fire Department and the property owners to create and maintain a "defensible space" around structures.  This provides a safe area for firefighters to defend the property and offers the best chance of survival when threatened by wildfire. The value of the FHRP program has been proven many times over the years. For requirements on clearing around your house, see Wildland Brush Clearance & Landscaping Guides.


Where do I go when I have to evacuate because of an emergency?

Having to evacuate during an emergency can be a very frightening experience. The more prepared you are, the safer and more efficient your evacuation will be (see Ready,Set,Go!). Law enforcement agencies are responsible for evacuations. They will inform you when, where and how to evacuate when it is needed. See questions 2 and 3 in this section.