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Using power tools outdoors?

powertoolsLawn mowing safety is very important because serious accidents can occur. Lawnmowers can cause fires when the conditions are hot and the grass is dry. Dry grass getting packed in the mower deck can result in a lawn mower catching fire. Fires can also happen from lawn mowers striking rocks and igniting a spark that can set dry grass on fire and burn up a large area.

If you need to mow dry grass or brush it is recommended to lightly wet the area you are about to mow. It is also a good idea to mow in the morning when humidity is higher, and avoid mowing on really, hot, dry, and windy days.

  • Never leave a running lawn mower alone
  • Never allow children or pets to play in yard while it is being mowed
  • Never allow child under twelve to operate push mover and child under 16 to use riding mower
  • Never cut grass when it is really wet
  • Do not drink or use drugs while mowing lawn
  • Do not remove safety devices from mower
  • Keep mower blades sharp and make sure the oil has been changed
  • Never add oil or gas to a hot mower that was just used, let it sit for a few minutes to cool down
  • Never mow without wearing sturdy close toed shoes, gloves, ear protection and eye protection
  • Never mow without scouting out the area you are going to mow and pick up all rocks, toys, debris that you could potentially mow over
  • Read owner’s manual and follow instruction with use and care of the lawnmower
  • Never put your hands or feet under the mower even if it’s off, take out sparkplug and use a tool or broom to get off excess grass
  • If there is an accident or fire call 911
  • Make sure you have a properly working spark arrester on all equipment
  • Keep equipment clean and free of oil and gasoline on the machine

Proper clothing should always be worn when mowing a lawn to help safeguard against accidents. You should always wear long pants, shoes, and eye and ear protection. These precautions are necessary in case anything flies out from under the mower. Also, a mower exhaust can get up to 200 degrees and can severely burn your legs or feet if you don’t have protection.