Active Calls:

Red Flag Warning

Red Flag Warning

Fire dangers is HIGH due to rising temperatures, lower humidity and gusty Santa Ana winds. Are you prepared? Take time to review your disaster plan, register for VC Alerts and learn how to reduce any risks that can spark a fire. One ember is all it takes to start a major brushfire.

Top 7 Wildfire Safety Tips:

  1. Make a plan and be prepared with Ready, Set, Go!
  2. Register to receive VC Alerts on your phone 
  3. Don't operate power equipment in dry grass areas
  4. Properly discard cigarettes
  5. Avoid outdoor activities with open flames or sparks
  6. Obey burn bans
  7. Be aware of your surroundings

Stay informed and connected by visiting or calling 805-465-6650 for up-to-date disaster information.