Active Calls:



Who We Are

Composed of 583 dedicated men and women, the Ventura County Fire Department is an all-hazard, full-service agency. We proudly provide fire protection, medical aid, rescue, hazardous materials response, and a variety of other services to the public. Formed in 1928 as a special district, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors acts as the fire department's board of directors. These five elected supervisors appoint the fire chief, and task him with providing fire protection services for the district. This includes Supervisors Steve Bennett, Linda Parks, Kelly Long, Peter Foy, John Zaragoza, and County Executive Officer Michael Powers.

Who We Serve

We serve more than 480,000 citizens in unincorporated areas of Ventura County. Our response area covers 848 square miles, including the following cities: Ojai, Port Hueneme, Moorpark, Camarillo, Santa PaulaSimi Valley and Thousand Oaks.

What We Do

VCFD's services are built around our mission of anticipating and responding to the dynamic public safety needs of our diverse community. This includes prevention and education, response and communication.

Prevention and Education:

Providing safety involves planning, prevention and education to ensure that our citizens and communities can protect their homes, property and businesses against fire. A thorough knowledge of risk mitigation and fire prevention techniques allows VCFD to build a foundation of safe practices through historical successes. VCFD employs multiple fire prevention, education and safety programs for children, adults and seniors. This includes fire code and regulation enforcement, plan reviews, home and business inspections, fire code permits, film permits, and an award-winning, nationally recognized Fire Hazard Reduction Program.


VCFD responds to calls from 33 strategically placed fire stations located throughout Ventura County. Our firefighters are trained to provide the highest level of firefighting, rescue and emergency medical care. In addition to fighting fires, we respond to medical emergencies, traffic accidents, land and water rescues, hazardous materials calls, environmental hazards, and a variety of public service requests.

In 2018, VCFD responded to more than 44,000 incidents, including:

  • 32,110 - Emergency Medical Calls
  • 1,735 - Fires
  • 3,292 - Rescue Calls
  • 2,552 - Public Service Calls
  • 3,490 - Alarm Calls
  • 958 - Hazardous Material Calls
  • 19 - Other calls
  • Greater than 120 calls each day



VCFD makes it a priority to communicate with the public through our FCC dispatch center, public information office, which ensures that information is disseminated to the public for educational purposes and during emergencies, to our fire prevention counters, which help people determine how to protect their homes, property and businesses against fire.