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Fire Hazard Reduction Program (FHRP)

Fire Hazard Reduction Program - COVID-19 Update

While the annual Fire Hazard Reduction Program will continue as scheduled for this year, we want to remind property owners that fire safety of your property is important as we approach the upcoming warmer months and high fire period. Property owners having questions regarding the clearance requirements for their property or those who may be experiencing difficulties in completing the required work, should contact their local fire station.  Click here for further details.


The Fire Hazard Reduction Program, commonly referred to as "FHRP", is the cornerstone of our Wildland Fire Action Plan. Property owners included in the program will receive an annual "Notice to Abate Fire Hazard" and are expected to maintain their property free of fire hazards or nuisance vegetation year round. Common requirements are 100-feet of vegetation clearance from structures and 10-feet for road access. See Ventura County Fire Code Appendix W for specific requirements of the FHRP program.

Our program has been used as a model by many jurisdictions throughout the nation and is included in the library at the National Fire Academy. Our efforts have been validated by the reduced number of structures lost in our county during wildfire events.

Notices to Abate Fire Hazard are mailed to the property owner of record around April 20th. Parcel inspections start the last week of May. The Annual Fire Hazard Clearance Deadline is June 1st.

  • To see if your parcel has been approved and to obtain a receipt of approval of your fire hazard clearance work, please click here.
  • If you would like to notify the Fire District that your required fire hazard clearance has been completed or to request additional information, please click here.

Parcels not cleared by the deadline are subject to abatement by the Fire District with the contractors cost and the current administrative fee. These fees are placed as a tax lien on the parcel. There are no fees assessed if you complete your required clearance.

Fire Hazard Reduction and Partnership:
A working partnership between property owners, their neighbors, and the Ventura County Fire Department is the best defense against disastrous fires. Ventura County residents and property owners cannot ignore the fact that dry, poorly maintained vegetation creates an extreme fire danger to their homes. The Fire Department does not recommend indiscriminate clearing of native chaparral and other vegetation. Well-placed and well-maintained vegetation can beautify and control erosion in residential neighborhoods. Poorly maintained vegetation is a natural, volatile fuel for fast-spreading wildfires - an invitation to disaster. Property owners and residents can help protect their homes by joining in partnership with their neighbors and the Fire Department to assure compliance with the Department's Fire Hazard Reduction Program, as outlined here. Ventura County Fire Department's Ordinance is designed to minimize fire danger by controlling the density and placement of flammable vegetation. The goal is to maintain trees and vegetation that beautify and benefit a property, and to remove or reduce hazardous vegetation that provides a combustible fuel supply for wildfire. This defensible space aids our firefighters by giving them a tactical advantage in stopping a fire and saving lives and properties. This is important to every resident of Ventura County, where the fire season is year round.

The Ventura County Fire Department wants to work with you to create the most fire-safe community possible. Fire Department personnel welcome your questions and invitation to discuss vegetation management and other fire-related issues. For additional information, contact your neighborhood fire station or the FHRP Unit at (805) 389-9759 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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