Active Calls:

Firework Safety

  • Fireworks are not toys
  • Never give fireworks to young children
  • Never experiment or attempt to make your own fireworks
  • Teach children that fireworks are explosive devices
  • If fireworks are found, encourage children to give them to an adult
  • When attending a public fireworks display stay back at least 500 feet
  • Always leave fireworks to trained professionals. That includes Sparklers, which can get hot up to 1200 degrees
  • Always keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach, preferably in a locked cabinet
  • If you use lighters, buy ones with a child resistant feature
  • Never leave young children alone with an open flame
  • Teach children about good fire and bad fire
  • Remember to Stop, Drop and Roll if your clothes catch on fire

Fireworks are not legal in the cities of Camarillo, Moorpark, Ojai, Port Hueneme, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and in the unincorporated areas of Ventura County. We strongly discourage the use of all fireworks including the Safe and Sane type. The use or possession could result in a fine and or jail term.

To reduce the risk of injuries and fires, the Ventura County Fire Department encourages the public to attend authorized firework displays during Independence Day (4th of July) put on by trained professionals.