Active Calls:

Hospitals and Nursing Home Safety

  • Promote smoking regulations for the building. Have a designated smoking area, provide large ashtrays and maintain them frequently.
  • Keep all areas of the building clean and free of trash.
  • Be aware of unauthorized persons, especially in restricted areas.
  • Conduct, practice and participate in emergency procedures during regular fire drills.
  • Know the location of all fire alarm pull stations.
  • Know what duties and responsibilities are assigned to you during an emergency.
  • Know how to shut off piped systems that supply oxygen and gas if requested to do so.
  • Close room and hall door to slow the spread to fire and smoke.
  • Learn how to operate a fire extinguisher.
  • Check cords on all appliances and replace them if they are cracked or frayed.
  • Remember that extension cords are to be used for temporary purposes only.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets.
  • No smoking in areas where oxygen equipment is in use. Post signs where the staff, patients, residents and visitors can see them.
  • No open flames should be allowed in the building.
  • All gas cylinders should be stored and secured properly.