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Ever wonder about VCFD's fire, emergency, medical or rescue services? Have a burning question about fire safety and daily operations? In the below videos, Firefighter Robby answers our community's top questions in a fun, new video series. "Robby to the Rescue!" is designed to engage and educate the community on a variety of fire safety topics with the help of its VCFD fire family members

News Release: Robby to Rescue

Oprima aquí para la versión en español.

Do you have a question for VCFD? Hit the ‘Ask Robby’ button to submit your question for a future "Robby to the Rescue" episode! 

>> Check out other community questions that were answered HERE.

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Robby ember guards
Ember Guards
Robby Knox
Knox Keys
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Code 3 - Lights and Sirens
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VCAlert Notifications
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Emergency Evacuations
Robby call 911
What happens when you call 911?
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Why Three Firefighters?
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Wash Your Hands!
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Water Safety
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All About Engines
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Smoke Alarms
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Who sends resources when a fire breaks out?
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Fire Extinguishers
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Palm Tree Maintenance