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  • How do I safely surrender a baby?

    A newborn can be safely surrendered at any Ventura County fire station (see   Read More
  • How do I get information on an emergency?

    Basic information on our current emergency responses is available via PulsePoint. You can even listen to the radio traffic by Read More
  • How do I prepare for an emergency?

    Being prepared for emergencies is one of the most important steps you can take to make those around you and Read More
  • Where do I learn CPR/first aid?

    Learning CPR or first aid is an important step anyone can take in being prepared for emergencies (see Hands-Only-CPR). Contact Read More
  • Why do I have to clear around my house?

    Our FHRP (Fire Hazard Reduction Program) is a cooperative effort between the Ventura County Fire Department and the property owners Read More
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