Active Calls:

Station 27

S 27 Filmore

133 C St.
Fillmore, CA 93015
(805) 371-1111 x.27

Emergencies: Dial 911

Station 27 History

Fire Station 27 was built in 1952 to serve the unincorporated areas near Fillmore and the central Santa Clara Valley. The station is located in the City of Fillmore and is a cooperator with that city's fire department.  The US Forest Service also calls this station home during their summer and fall fire season, stationing a pumper there during the daylight hours.  Prior to significant flood control work on nearby Sespe Creek, Fire Station 27 was flooded on several occasions. Station 27 operates as a Rescue/Engine company.  The Engine and Rescue operate together to provide Support Company operations the same as a Truck Company, or as an Engine Company.  Station 27 is staffed daily by four firefighters and has a rescue/engine (Rescue/Engine 27); a rescue (Rescue 27); and a 1,800-gallon water tender (Water Tender 27). Construction on a new Fire Station 27 is estimated to start in fall of 2016, located at C St. and River St.

The new $8.3 million fire station is built on a 2.7 acre site near the intersection of Highway 126 and C Street in Fillmore, providing improved access to major response routes. The 15,000 square-foot, single-story fire station will provide improved access to the highway, modern utility systems and adequate room for fire engines. It is equipped with three apparatus bays, nine dorms, living quarters for four firefighters and two bulldozer crew members, state-of-the-art equipment training area, and ample room for future expansion if additional service is needed to support the community. Upon completion of the new fire station, the existing site will be leased to the U.S. Forest Service, which currently shares the station with VCFD at 613 Old Telegraph Road.

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