Active Calls:

Station 36

Station 36

855 Deerhill Rd., Oak Park, CA 91377
(805) 371-1111 x36

Emergencies: Dial 911

Station 36 History

Fire Station 36 serves the Oak Park area of Ventura County. It was built in 1985 to serve the growth in the eastern reaches of Ventura County. Sitting adjacent to a county park, the Oak Park Fire Station's sector is abutted by National Park Service’s Santa Monica National Recreation Area and the County of Los Angeles. In 2005, the firefighter position was upgraded to Paramedic/Firefighter and Engine 36 became the department's third Medic/Engine. The Oak Park Fire Station is staffed daily by three firefighters and houses Medic/Engine 36; Reserve Engine 136 and Utility 36.

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