Active Calls:

Station 46

Station 46

3265 Tapo St., Simi Valley, CA 93063
(805) 371-1111 x46

Emergencies: Dial 911

Station 46 History

Fire Station 46 serves the north side of the City of Simi Valley. The fire station was built in 1965, in response to rapid growth in the northern portion of Simi Valley, and was remodeled in the early 1990s to provide more room for firefighters. The Tapo Fire Station is staffed daily by three firefighters and houses Engine 46; and Reserve Engine OES 283. The reserve engine is an Office of Emergency Services (OES) engine. There are 120 OES engines statewide and two in the Ventura County Fire Department. These engines are owned and maintained by the state and deployed with local fire departments to be used during disasters.


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