Active Calls:

Station 57

Station 57 patch

3356 Somis Rd., P.O. Box 347
Somis, CA 93066
(805) 371-1111 x.57

Emergencies: Dial 911

Station 57 History

Fire Station 57 serves the Somis area and fills a strategic need by providing quick access to support the City of Moorpark, the City of Camarillo and the Santa Rosa Valley. Built in 1982, this station supports our urban search and rescue (USAR) mission by inspecting and cataloging rescue rope and rope appliances and maintaining the USAR team's potable water supply. The Somis Fire Station is staffed daily by three firefighters and houses an Engine 57; Brush Engine 357; a 500-gallon potable water trailer ("water buffalo"); Light & Air 57; and Utility Pickup 57. The light & air unit (one of two in county service) provides electricity, lights, compressed breathing air, and rehab services at emergency incidents throughout the county.


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